The power of faith


Most people translate faith as belief. Faith is not mere belief. It is much more than that. It is a strong belief along with understanding, trust and confidence. The difference between the two is easier explained with explained.

If people have a mere blind belief in god without a study of religion and philosophy, when they face a tragedy in their lives they may lose belief in god. This happens often. But when we have faith in God, which is belief  strengthened with understanding that the lord is omnipotent, omniscient and all-loving, the more the troubles that assail us, the more does our faith deepen.

1. faith includes a clear understanding that what we have faith in, will always be there for us. Faith is also knowing that even though we may be small and helpless by ourselves, we are strong and secure along with what we have faith in.

2. faith gives you a great deal of courage and security.

3. try to recall pictures and paintings of great saints and religious leader. Their faces are full of joy and serenity. They have no fear or worry. This is because they have full faith in god. However terrible their problems, they know that God is with them and that he will either solve their difficulties or give them the strength to face them.

4. this does not mean that we can just sit down and pray and expect everything to come our way. No! we must do whatever we can and then have the faith that god is with us and love us. Do your best and leave the rest to god.

For example, if the exams are fast approaching and a student sits down and prays without studying properly, can he do well? Certainly not. He should study and be well- prepared. Then if he pray also he can write the exam with confidence.