Future of English in India

Future of English in India

The English men came to India as traders and stayed on as the rulers till they were forced out of the shores of India by the nonviolent fight started by Mahatma Gandhi. English came in to India as the language of the masters the British. Inspite of the departure of the Englishmen from the Indian scene as its masters, their language has come to stay. English is bound to stay here for a long time. Many feel that it must continue.

                   Today in our country many nursery schools and convents have sprung up offering English to all those who wish to learn it. Education in such school is costly but most of the parents even if they are rich or poor are willing to send their children to such school. People working in domestic servants also give such an education to their children. This illustrates the hold of English on Indian life. This position speaks much for the future of English. The language has its own beauties and its utilitarian quality. Both these aspects assure the future of English in India. It is English that can carry a developing nation like ours on the way to progress.



About Indian education system

About Indian education system


Now a day’s Indian education system is more text bookish.Students are byhearting their text book, and during the exam if they forgot the first word of an answer then everything will gone. Our education system   tests our children’s memory power, not their knowledge. Some teachers may didn’t give marks if students didn’t write the exact words and sentences.

We don’t asses our children’s all-around abilities. A system of this sort kills creativity and makes children slaves of rote learning. We need not have an exam-centric system. Expose them to (c. c. a.) co- curricular activities in a more efficient way. Children in 10 the standards have to bear the burden of an extensive syllabus, including portions from 9th standard textbooks. Now students aged between 13 & 15 are put through a lot of pressure. I think our evaluation system should be more practical. But today c. c. e. becomes more burdens for these students. It is good but it should be done in a limited way. Anyway there is a lot to be changed in our education.

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