value of grammar


Language is the medium of communication among human beings. It is our ability to talk, to express our thoughts precisely and convey our ideas to others that distinguishes man from the beast. People those who speak the same language the communication process may not be complete and perfect unless the language used in precise. It is in this context that the importance of grammar has to be understood. The value of grammar is realized especially when a person has to write. Very often in conversational language, grammar is ignored and yet there is not much of a loss. But a person is judged by his writing. Grammar in any language is an important aspect of its literature.

                                  Learning of grammar is not an easy process. But it becomes easy when pursued regularly, sincerely and with diligence. The important grammar is that each part of it is associated with another. Learning grammar does not require much physical labour. Grammar can be learnt without much trouble. No school, no room to study, no tools only thing required is a good book on grammar. The only thing that is needed is the will to learn. The value of grammar is immense. As mentioned earlier, a person is judged by his style of writing or by the correctness of his writing. Just as a man is looked upon with contempt when he speaks incorrectly; a man unable to write grammatically is not given much respect. Many who speak correctly often write incorrectly. It is said that in the simple language used by Gandhiji, it is very difficult to substitute any word even by its synonym, for the word chosen by him reflects his exact thought. This is the hallmark of good writing and this cannot be attained without grammar.

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9 Tips for students success

 A student should exhibit a combination of good attitudes and behaviors as well as intellectual capacity for success

1. Should have interest in your studies. Always try to create an interest on every subject. Love all your subjects. Even if a subject is boring try love it by making that subject more creative.  For example if you feel history as boring subject try to learn it like a film story to remember it more easily.

2.Should be attentive and active. Students get involved in their studies, accept responsibility for their own education, active participation and listening in the class reduce the time to be taken while learning at home.

3. Should have educational goals. Students must have an ardent desire in what they want to become. Successful students are motivated by what their goals represent in terms of career aspirations and life’s desires. Always believe in you and make sure that nothing is impossible.

4. Should ask your doubts and questions. Students   must clear their doubts and don’t feel any shy to ask your doubt to your elders/ teachers. Successful students ask questions to provide the quickest route between ignorance and knowledge. In addition to securing knowledge you seek, asking questions has at least two other extremely important benefits. The process helps you pay attention to your teacher and helps your teacher pay attention to you!.

5.Should not just memorize. Students should not just memorize the whole book by heart school level studies requires students to synthesize and analyze large amounts of information, and most of this work is done outside of class. Students should know how to prepare for their studies   and exam   individually

6. Should   prepare notes . Try to write down some important notes while teachers taking class ,that will make our learning more easier. Students should take notes that are understandable and organized, and review them often.

7.Share  your ideas with your acquaintances.images

Student should share your ideas and thoughts with your friends help others to cope up their studies, and all these increase or nourish your knowledge.

8.Should be hardworking and regular . Students should study hard and regularly. Study your portions daily. Otherwise it will be a burden for you. . Don’t make academics harder on yourself than it has to be. Stop procrastinating. And don’t wait until tomorrow to do it!

9. Should not cram for exam. Students know that divided periods of study are more effective than cram sessions, and they practice it. If there is one thing that study skills specialists agree on, it is that distributed study is better than massed, late-night, last-ditch efforts known as cramming.  Don’t get tensed before your exam. Always pray before and after your exam. Don’t be so stressed and must have your meals appropriately.