students & strikes

Students and strike

Strikes in India are not only undertaken by workers, but by almost every classes of society. Earlier it was considered as the privilege of the working classes, but now apart from worker, students and the so- called enlightened professions like that of doctors, teachers and lawyers also indulge in strikes. Students consider strike as a legitimate and effective weapon for getting what they require. The general impression among the students is that the authorities are hostile to them and that they are not interested in only those things in which students are interested.

Students also think strike as the means of drawing attention of the public or the authorities to their requirements. They also believe that strike alone can solve their problems and they do not believe that any problem can be easily solved by holding discussions with the authorities. It is not realized that strikes are double edged weapons which can do untold harm both to themselves and the authorities. Students going on strike prompted by ill conceived motives or instigated by unscrupulous politicians cause much misery and loss. Speaking in a general way we can say that strikes by students are not desirable and should not be encouraged. They are positive evils, for the harm done is to the mental development of every student.


Today students are very fed up  with the strike going on through India  due to financial crises in daily using things.