helping and caring poor and old people

Helping and caring poor and old people

In our daily life, we come across many people who think are poor. They could be landless, unemployed, illiterate etc.


  • There are a thousand and thousand ways to help the poor people.
    1. try to make them aware of their dignity.
    2. talk to them in a manner worthy of human persons.
    3. given them an opportunity to frequent good institutions/schools .
    4 be friendly and kind.

aaahelpingthepoor       mother theresa

  • About old people

The life of old people is so miserable that they yearn for company and help. It is in such cases they should be pitied. Today ,society has come forward to assist them. The government has formulated a number of schemes to help the helpless old people. At least try to help and take care of our grandparents.



3 thoughts on “helping and caring poor and old people

  1. I like your post on old folks except one thing. I don’t believe anyone wants pity. Friendship, help occasionally but never pity. We to are as proud of our contributions to society as anyone else and please remember, if you’re lucky everybody gets old!

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