5 tips for english speaking


1.Listen to the radio in English- Try to hear radio news and other programmes which are broadcasting in English.

2.Watch English news and films- It will improve your vocabulary and get to know how to pronounce certain words. If you have English channels on your TV, watch them. If they have subtitles (the words written in your language) underneath the picture, see if they can be turned off. Some people even tape paper across the bottom of the screen so they can’t see the words.

3. Speak English to your friends- Get a conversation buddy (friend) and speak in English as much as possible. If it is a person whose native language is the same as your own, you may feel silly speaking in English at first. But don’t worry. Continue to do it and it will become more natural to you. Make friends with English speakers or others learning to speak English and compare notes. Talk about things that you have learnt and exchange ideas.

4. Listen and read out loudly- Listen to news bulletins and songs in English to listen to the pronunciation of words. You can also learn new words and expressions this way. The more you listen, the more you learn! Read the newspaper or a magazine out to yourself. Hearing yourself read will help you spot your mistakes better.

5. Use a dictionary and learn a new word everyday-  always keep a pocket dictionary with you. The dictionary has millions of words to choose from! Look up different words and their synonyms and alternate how and when you use them in sentences. Choose a word you would like to work on and use practice it in different sentences. Use the word until you have learnt it and keep using it regularly.



6 thoughts on “5 tips for english speaking

      • Hello Laya, Thank you for popping in to read English Exercise #10. Glad you liked it. Your 5 hints for English learning are excellent; I use them all the time with the only difference being that I suggest people tape themselves when they read aloud with a cell/mobile phone or tape-recorder. When a person is reading, they may not be able to focus on the listening at the same time because they are concentrating on the pronunciation – maybe even the meaning. A recording also has the advantage of letting you hear yourself more than once. I wish you personal success with your blog in whatever way you define that success.

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